5 ways to create depth in a drawing

1. Foreground, middle ground and background

Depth is a key to make an environment coming alive. Used in the right way it´s able to pull the audience into the picture. Defining a foreground, middle ground and background creates depth.

2. Degree of details

Variation in degree of details can be used to create depth. As here using many details in the foreground and fewer in the background.

3. Depth of field

Depth of field

Depth of field creates depth. The farther away the more blurred.

4. Thick strokes

Thick strokes used to create depth

Thick strokes in the foreground and thinner strokes the farther away creates depth.

5. Perspective

Perspective drawing

Perspective creates depth. Lines disappear into vanishing points and things or people becomes smaller the farther away they are.